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    Dec 5 th, 2017
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    Homework is ‘Haven for Hope’ according to Dawn Newspaper

    Homework is ‘Haven for Hope’ according to Dawn Newspaper We are delighted to announce that Homework was featured in the Sunday Special EOS of Dawn Newspaper.  Ahmed Yousuf, a Senior Journalist at Dawn, visited Homework after watching a video of the Graphic Design for Deaf Course. He found the idea of Homework to offer opportunities […]

    Fahad Sheikh
    Nov 15 th, 2017
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    Success Story #1: Fahad Nadeem, Homework Freelance Training Course student, sells his first Gig on Fiverr for $15

    Pakistan currently ranks 4th in Freelancing in the world. But the idea is still new and evolving and many are not trained enough to work on international freelancing platforms. With this in mind, Omar Ali created the concept of ‘Homework’ in 2016 to help people get the ‘right’ freelancing skill and to find ‘freelancing jobs’ [...] READ MORE