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    Browse through all the projects and filter them by skills and budget to pick your relevant projects.

    Place your bid for the project as per your expertise.

    If your bid is competitive, we will contact you to request some additional information.

    You will be required to submit one sample work (for first time users only) as per the instructions provided to judge the quality of your work.

    If your bid is successful, you will be awarded the job.

    Make sure to submit the work as per the project brief and by the mentioned deadline.

    Homework will assess your work and may ask you to provide revisions or reject your work completely if it does not meet our quality standards.

    Homework expects all revisions to be submitted promptly and by the deadline mentioned in the project brief. Failure to do so can effect your rating on Homework and eligibility for the future projects.

    The job will then be marked as ‘complete’ and money will be transferred into your ‘Homework’ account.

    Homework will pay your total earned money directly into your bank account at the end of each month.

    Do you have any question?

    We are always available to answer your questions or provide you further details about Homework.