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    Homework Pakistan hosted Pakistan’s first Freelancers Workshop + Meetup at the Al-Tijrah Centre, Karachi, on January 28th to 29th 2017.

    Homework is the first online platform in Pakistan that provides an opportunity to start-ups and freelancers to help them accelerate their business ideas. It is a platform for people who want to work from home and make it big. The two day workshop was arranged with the aim to provide a growth platform for startups.

    The event welcomed freelancers, mainly students, belonging to different age groups, who shared their creative and innovative ideas as well as networked amongst the freelancer community.

    The workshop started off by an inspirational speech from the CEO of Homework Pakistan, Dr. Nousheen Zakaria. She has received a PhD degree from the University of Leeds and has conceptualized ideas for various apps and websites, launched in Pakistan and internationally. During the speech session, she shared her experience to encourage existing and budding startups. Her speech was followed by a speech from an experienced freelancer and a web developer Fahad Sheikh who shared his journey of freelancing with the attendees.

    Lastly, Uzair Mansoor-a 17 year old thriving freelancer who is serving the industry for the past 7 years. A question answer session was conducted in the end, where many queries and questions are answered by the panel of experts.

    The two day event seeks to not only encourage the freelance culture in Pakistan, but it aims to provide freelancers with a unique platform to help them with networking and shaping their ideas.

    The workshop sessions were also inclusive of soft breaks, which provided freelancers a chance to interact with each other and allow them to associate and network with each other on a common platform.

    The event concluded with a certificate distribution ceremony, where each attendee was granted with a certificate from the UK based IT company Out of the Box Ltd. For more information about the Homework Pakistan head over to: