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    Blog Article

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    Project description:

    I would like to see if you can write 4 posts as usual but using any of the keywords below:

    For this 2 products:
    Keywords: new look bags, shopper bag, weekend bag, weekend bags, travel bag, travel bags, mens travel bag, travelbag, man bag For this product:
    Keywords: card holder, travel card holder, leather card holder, business card holder, credit card holder for men For the last product:
    Keywords: camera strap, camera straps, leather camera strap, camera hand strap, cool camera straps Please, feel free to add any other keywords you consider right for the item.

    Abira Jeoffrey
    actuarial assistant
    1 Year

    Build your business with effective blog content. My blogs are professionally written and can help you in many ways –

    Increase your traffic from search engines such as Google by hitting the right keywords and having varied, updated content.

    Deliver content to share on social media platforms and increase not only your engagement, but the traffic directed back to your website.

    Establish yourself as an authority in your field. Share your knowledge and prospects will want to hire you.

    Generate more leads as your blogs hit the right spots with your audience. Use these to drive sales or increase your subscribers to maximise income.

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    Laiba Rehman
    0 Years

    A well written, attractive content which would grab people’s eye and help them.

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    muhammad kamran shahid
    Writer, Civil Engineer,Professional Designer
    10 Years

    I can do this blog work.
    I have already done many blogs.
    Please hire me.
    I can start this work

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    Virtual Assistant
    1 Year

    Hi, i will write an article for your blog containing 500 words in it. If you have not found any one for this job just ping me up for this.
    Looking forward to your message.

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    Humaira Muhammad Adil
    Content Writer
    2 Years

    I would like to do this job

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    Filza Manzoor
    logo maker
    2 Years

    My work on articles/bogs have these following features
    1.Blogs are written with quality content, SEO, additional keywords and photos.

    2.These articles are 98% plagiarism free., with best of the info and SEO optimization.

    3.We provide you the content that is free of plagiarism and original with some + points

    4. The article is re-read couple of times by few more personalities.

    5. It is written with great enthusiasm and contentment with some photos or vector art added to it.

    6. It is depended on three signature elements

    a.starting relevant Quote
    b.introductory paragraphs.

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    Zainab Iqtedar
    Creative Content Writer
    1 Year

    This is my first writing gig, and the topic seems right up my alley. Plenty of experience in descriptive writing from my O level years.

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    Rida Qureshi
    Content Writer
    3 Years


    I would like to get this project. Here are some of the titles for the blog posts.

    The Best Ways to Pack a Travel Bag for a Weekend Trip
    (Product targeted: Weekender bag)

    Why You Should Upgrade to a Card Holder with RFID Protection
    (Product targeted: Super Slim RFID Card Holder)

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    muniza kamal
    content writer
    1 Year

    I can submit the work on time

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    Vishal Vidhani
    Software Developer, Web Developer
    1.5 Years

    Yes, i had done this work before there’s new start up name wearOn, it is a pre-owned shoes start up running by two guys from IBA university Karachi and They gave me to write some post for their advertisement.

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    Hello world!


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