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    Logo Design for Mickelsen Team

    Logo Design for Mickelsen Team

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    Project description:


    Logo Name: Mickelsen Team
    Slogan to incorporate in the logo:
    Buy – Sell – Invest – Consult

    Industry- Real Estate & Mortgage
    It’s real estate business that buys and sells homes as well as manage properties.

    Deadline: 2 days after the project is awarded

    Skills required:


    Muhammad Abdul Kabeer Ahmed Siddiqui
    Graphic Designer, Logo Designer
    5 Years

    Can Able to complete the project in 1 day time.

    In Process
    Zohaib Ahmed
    Graphic Designer
    2 Years

    We understand the essentials of marketing and thrive on converting complex and abstract ideas into simple and comprehensible messages, reaching the right audience, just when it really matters. We at Abstract Vision work with a code of continual improvement, valuing inspiration, and exploring the untapped potential. We raise the bar for ourselves with every challenge and produce results that speak for themselves. We have been telling stories through images and transforming ideas into spectacles. Our aim is to convert your abstract ideas into amazing designs.

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    Muhammad Farooq Sahir
    Android & web developer
    2 Years

    i’ll create best logo for u

    In Process
    Hussain Elahi
    Video Editor
    0 Years

    I will create the logo in 5 days .It will be animated and 3d.IF you select me than my payment sohuld be given in my jazzcash account.

    In Process
    Haroon Ur Rashid
    Work with cordial environment
    2 Years

    I’ll design the logo in HD , more appealing to viewers.

    In Process
    Mike Rob
    Sound Engineer
    1 Year


    In Process
    Sam Jaffry
    Graphic/Web Designer
    10 Years


    In Process
    Ummesalma Abbas
    Article Writer
    1 Year

    hope you like the slog.

    In Process
    Mahnoor Elahi
    1 Year

    Hello sir Inshallah within 3 days i’ll complete the work.

    In Process
    Asif Mehdi
    Graphic Designer
    4 Years

    i’m graphic designer i’ve 4 year exp. in logo design, i’ll design two unique options for you logo, and do unlimited revisions, 🙂
    when project will be complete then i’ll give you all high res. files of your design. !!
    if you’re interested so please select me 🙂 thanks

    In Process
    Hello world!


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