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    Logo for Leyland

    Logo for Leyland

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    Project description:


    Company name Leyland Rest Home .

    We need the logo to convey a contemporary and homely feel that makes it distinctly caring.

    Logo is for a care home

    Deadline: 2 days after the job is awarded

    Skills required:


    Muhammad Farooq Sahir
    Android & web developer
    2 Years

    i’ll create best logo for you

    In Process
    Talal khan
    Wordpress Developer and Graphic Designer
    2 Years

    Ì design best for your bushiness in just one day with 2 concept

    In Process
    Fahad Siddiqi
    Graphic Designer
    4 Years

    I’ll submit this logo in 3 working day.

    In Process
    Madiha Kiran
    Web/App & Graphics Designer
    1 Year

    Check my portfolio 🙂

    In Process
    Mohsin Mohiuddin
    Designer and Social Media Manager
    5 Years

    Hi there, Kindly discuss your requirement so i can create a sample for you.

    In Process
    Hasan Raza
    Web Developer - Graphic Designer
    3 Years


    I’m excited to share with you the proposal for the LeyLand logo design. i will design a professional and sleek rest home logo to give it a modern touch while representing ease in the design, and the most important part of the job is working hard .i.e i will ensure you get satisfied and ensure you success!
    I’m truly excited to be working with you on your new logo redesign.

    I look forward to your response.

    All the best

    In Process
    Hussain Elahi
    Video Editor
    0 Years

    I will make the logo in 5 days it will be designed as you will tell.

    In Process
    Mahnoor Nadeem
    Interior Designer/Logo Designer/Photographer
    3 Years

    the work will be given shortly.

    In Process
    Haroon Ur Rashid
    Work with cordial environment
    2 Years

    unique design in HD

    In Process
    mushraf soomro
    graphic designer
    1 Year

    i will make a logo for u in 2 days but also in one day

    In Process
    Hello world!


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