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    Fahad Sheikh
    Nov 15 th, 2017
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    Success Story #1: Fahad Nadeem, Homework Freelance Training Course student, sells his first Gig on Fiverr for $15

    Pakistan currently ranks 4th in Freelancing in the world. But the idea is still new and evolving and many are not trained enough to work on international freelancing platforms. With this in mind, Omar Ali created the concept of ‘Homework’ in 2016 to help people get the ‘right’ freelancing skill and to find ‘freelancing jobs’ on not just Homework but other international freelancing platforms. Omar, hand-picked courses, designed and offered only those that could help people with their freelancing career – courses that are not offered at main-stream universities but are high in-demand in the freelancing world.

    Along with the other unique courses offered at Homework, the ‘Freelance Training Course’ is a one-of- its-kind course to help individuals become freelancers. Omar specifically designed this course as it is not being offered anywhere in Pakistan and is highly recommended to those looking to set themselves up as freelancers.


    The main aim of the course is to help people with using platforms such as, Upwork, People Per Hour, Fiverr and Freelancer. The course designed by Omar, specifically caters to help freelancers who have tried but failed at freelancing or those who would like to opt for a freelancing career but don’t know how to. It offers a step-by- step guide to working on these platforms and covers areas such as bidding for projects, setting up gigs, writing proposals, dealing with clients as well as payment withdrawal methods.

    Homework is already running its first batch of the Freelance Training Course – taught by Omar on weekdays and Dr. Nousheen Zakaria on weekends – and only in its 3rd week, students have already started receiving job invitations and a couple of them have already sold their gigs!

    Fahad, a Freelance Training Course student at Homework recently sold his first ever gig on Fiverr and got a first ‘5-star review’.

    5star review

    Fahad who is currently working at a firm as a Project Manager, had been trying to find freelance jobs on freelancing platforms for many years’ but failed. He then found out about the Freelance Training Course offered at Homework. He opted to take the course as he thought it would help him boost his career in freelancing and offer much needed mentorship.

    Fahad says:

    “When I initially joined the course, I honestly expected nothing! I already tried setting myself as a freelancer but never got any project and response from buyers. However, my experience at Homework has been amazing! I am taking the course from Omar, and he is an amazing and a very talented person. He guided us with each and every step of freelancing – from how to create a profile to how to respond to buyers – to setting up our gigs to bidding for projects and submitting proposals!”


    Fahad said he was absolutely thrilled on selling his first ‘gig’ on Fiverr – especially just after 2-weeks of enrolling into the course!

    “I was absolutely thrilled and so excited on selling my first ever gig! Especially just after two- weeks of taking the course! I thought it takes months and years to sell your first gig but with Omar’s guidance – it seemed so quick for me!”

    However, Fahad says that he was extremely nervous on meeting client’s expectations after selling the first gig.

    “I was extremely nervous – and wasn’t sure if I would be able to meet client’s expectations! But Omar, helped me responding to the buyer and keeping the communication open with him in terms of feedback and doing revisions. Omar also helped me understand client’s expectations and needs which I don’t think I would have understood on my own!”


    After Fahad delivered the work he wasn’t sure how the client would rate him but was overly excited to see the first 5-star review on his gig!!

    “I felt absolutely terrific on getting the first five-star review on my profile! I couldn’t believe my eyes!”

    Fahad thinks it is now going to be an easy ride for him from now on as he knows how to land jobs and win buyers confidence and trust!

    “I am extremely thankful to Homework for showing me the route! I don’t think I would have ever done it on my own and without Omar’s mentorship and support! I highly recommend everyone to take this course – it is a real life-changer!!”

    You can view Fahad’s live Fiverr profile on

    To learn more about Homework’s Freelance Training Course, please visit our Courses section.

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