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Attendance By Face Recognition Using Python, Numpy, openCV and GUI

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This is amazing project because ­­­human beings are the most intelligent species on the planet having extraordinary capabilities one of which is identifying individuals and differentiating them from one another. This plays a vital role in everyday interaction, communication and other routine activities that enables us to lead a normal, social life. With the advancement of technology and growing use of computers in our day-to-day life, it is essential to develop systems that can precisely detect and recognize human faces. So this is amazing project that can help you marks attendance or other things and save records into excel file using face recognition. The project has three buttons Take Image (Take New Image for new person to get registered) Register (it will train faces to get recognized) Recognize (it will open Camera and recognize registered people) concepts will be used are python3 openCV Numpy tikinter pandas GUI Change will be done as per your requirements.



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